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Online Therapy Services
- California & Florida

Anxiety disorders include generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder.  I use a variety of techniques, including CBT and mindfulness, in order for you to gain tools and insight on symptoms and coping strategies while processing the underlying issues that contributed to the anxiety. READ MORE

I have a variety of experience treating eating disorders/disordered eating/body image issues.  In addition to offering individual therapy, I also lead groups in private practice designed for group members to gain support and feedback around this issues. READ MORE

Depression, like anxiety, can be debilitating and those struggling might be struggling for years before seeking treatment.  I collaborate with you on goals and use a combination of CBT and talk therapy to build cope strategies and process underlying issues. READ MORE

My specialization while working on my Masters in Clinical Psychology was Spiritual and Depth Psychology, and I have since added training in CBT and EMDR.  The variety of modalities have allowed me to support those with present life challenges using the combination of therapeutic tools that are effective for their unique situation. READ MORE

OCD is a disorder comprised of obsessions and/or compulsions.  I have previous experience treating OCD in several treatment settings.  Currently in private practice, I primarily utilize cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) including exposure and response prevention (ERP) and incorporate other modalities as appropriate. READ MORE

What is a Telehealth Therapy?

Telehealth therapy is much like in-person therapy except it's completely online. You have the freedom to experiment with different environments during each of your sessions. You can stay at home, go to the park, a quiet and isolated room in the library, wherever you feel most comfortable, it's completely up to you.

Why You Should Hire A Therapist

Some people may be a bit hesitant on speaking to a therapist about their problems and prefer confiding in friends and family instead of a stranger. While that is completely understandable, speaking to a therapist has its benefits. Many struggle with family only seeing as a the person they "used to be" or their personal perception of them. This stop family and friends from having an open-end and unbiased view of an issue you may be having or going through. Hiring a therapist ensures you will have someone to listen and speak in an unbiased way. And you never have to worry about your confidence bring broken as everything you say is between you and your special person aka your therapist.


Also we won't be strangers for long. With each session you will become more comfortable, as you confidently release all of your stress and problems. While also receiving the professional feedback you need to live your life with your mind clear, and head held high.  

Benefits of Online Therapy

Whether you have a tight schedule, you like changes of environment, you're a homebody, etc. Online therapy or Telehealth therapy is a great option for everyone. 

You can save on gas, dress comfortably, and for those that may have social anxiety you can limit your interactions with people.

Does Online Therapy Work?

Thanks to technology, online therapy, also known as Telehealth therapy, is much like in person visits without all the commuting. We will still see each others face, hear the tone of ones voice and most importantly be able to read your eyes. Have you ever heard that the eyes are windows to the soul? Well being able to study one's facial expressions and eye movement when talking about certain subjects, memories, experiences etc.allows Telehealth therapy to still be very effective. Not to mention a huge part of therapy is for you to release any issues you may be having, in other words a huge part of what I do is listen to understand you and that can be done anywhere.

Service Area & Age Requirements

All services are open to those aged 14 years old and up located in California & Florida.

Insurance not accepted

A super bill can be provided if needed.

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