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Support Group For Eating Disorders

Who am I without my eating disorder?

For those who struggle with disordered eating/eating disorders, this group provides a safe space to learn positive coping strategies, create healthy boundaries, process uncomfortable emotions, and begin to separate self from eating disorder. Through this group, we will work to replace the shame surrounding disordered eating with self-acceptance, self-compassion, and self-love. It is an ongoing group for adults, an intake is required prior to beginning, and meets in video telehealth at this time.


Eating disorders are life consuming and often people suffer in silence.  I believe that recovery is a group effort.  Because the nature of an eating disorder is so secretive and makes having relationships almost impossible on account of the amount of time spent on behaviors, recovery can be very challenging to do alone or even with a treatment team.  Those in recovery need to rebuild relationships and figure out who they are without the eating disorder.  That's why I started this group.  It's small, no more than 6 people, to give time for everyone to share each session if they would like.  It's a mix of sharing and receiving support, talking through coping strategies, and exploring what's next as group members build more self acceptance and self compassion.  It's a 1.5 hour group and the cost is $75/session. 


This is the only group I know of in the LA area that's focused on what's next after eating disorder recovery while simultaneously supporting recovery oriented steps.  In fact, I've called it "Who are you without your eating disorder?" because I saw a gap in the treatment model.  We spend a lot of time focused on recovery, it can be difficult to figure out how to build a life after recovery.  That's what this group is about.  Group members make a commitment to attend weekly (I do have a 24 hr cancellation policy if someone's going to be gone) and they are welcome to stay as long as it's useful for them.  I've been running this group continually for 4 years with members starting and graduating intermittently.  There is a short intake prior to starting to make sure potential members are appropriate for group.  It's open to adults in California and Florida and is virtual meeting every Saturday from 10am PST-11:30am PST.

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Virtual Meetings on Saturdays at 10am to 11:30sm PST

For Those in Cali & Florida  |  Tel: 323- 863-3890

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